World Cup 2010 Wall Chart


The Big Kick-Off has arrived!!!

Well, its finally here!! we’ve waited 2,217 days there or there abouts and at 14:59 offices all over the country will be setting their automatic emails to “sorry I am not in the office right now but I’ve been called to a really important meeting” and will be back in the office as of the 12th of JULY (Assuming that its not made into a public holiday and the England team walk proudly through Terminal 5 carrying more than Rio Ferdinand).

And whether you like football or not you wont be able to help to get in the spirit that is the World Cup, as it will be on almost every channel 3 times a days for 25 of the 32 days that it is on.

All joking aside, we at bearfoot graphics truly believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for South Africa in hosting the 2010 World Cup. Get involved by downloading our specially created World Cup Wall Chart and record every goal of every game as it happens. World Cup 2010 wall chart

Apart from the obvious initial tourism it will bring, huge economic benefits, jobs created, modernisation of cities and much needed funding for grass roots football and AIDS prevention and awareness it will also leave behind an infrastructure that will serve the local people for many, many years to come.

It will also be the chance to show the world a great country of amazing culture. The first African nation to host the ‘world game’ with hopefully none of the negatives that the media find very easy to pick out to create headlines.

So get prepared for lots of men hugging and kissing, forward tumbles that Britain’s Got Talent winners Spellbound would be proud of and the occasional “erm” from newly appointed captain Steven Gerrard (watch his post-match interviews you’ll see what I mean) and it goes without saying we wish every nation the best of luck, as long as your not facing the Mighty England!!!

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  • 2010

    love it

    Thanks for the wall chart

    Dan x

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