Brazil 2014 World Cup logo


Congratulations Spain!
A thoroughly deserved win, they’ve had an amazing tournament and i think South Africa 2010 can be looked upon as a huge success.

Now that South Africa 2010 has just about finished we can start looking forward to the next World Cup and the logo for Brazil 2014 has been revealed officially at a ceremony in Johannesburg.

The symbol is said to represent the first “Green World Cup”, while attempting to represent the “happiness, colour and welcoming nature” of Brazil.

As usual there is much debate and opinion that goes along with any major logo launch now days. Discussion as to whether a football logo should contain hands and it’s execution are top of the list as is the fact that there are versions of the logo where Brazil is spelt with a Z and not an S.

I do find the concept behind it clever, with hands forming the World Cup trophy as its a classic image of the winning captain holding the trophy, but I do find the drawing of the hands to be slightly odd looking. and a colleague of mine actually saw them as trees so I think that point is made!

I do appreciate the simplicity of this logo compared to the more recent South Africa 2010 and Germany 2006 logos, where there was a lot going on for me. Although I do hope the R and C are made more discreet in the final outputs, as they are ugly and overbearing.

The red 2014 text for me is a strange choice as the brazil flag is yellow, green and blue…but the colours are bright and fun. Although I’m not keen on the font overall, it does work with the illustration style.

With the 20th Fifa World Cup logo having been unveiled it made me think about all the other logos that we’ve had for the previous World Cups and how they’ve changed. Below are the logos for all the world cups from the inaugural 1930 to the upcoming Brazil 2014, personally my favourite is Mexico 1970, enjoy!

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