Using an interactive presentation at your next exhibition or event


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Standing at an exhibition booth waiting for people to come and talk to you can be one of the most tedious and unrewarding tasks. You’ve got a great product or service that you are just dying to tell everyone about but watching potential customers walk by without stopping to chat, how frustrating.

We all recognise that starting a conversation with someone, in this situation, is difficult, although visitors are interested to see what’s new and interesting, not many of them relate well to a full on sales pitch.

We have busy working lives; research shows that information which is both easy to access and relevant will be acted upon.  Keeping people’s attention in this digital world is becoming harder and harder. Having a potential client right there and not being able to take full advantage is a wasted opportunity.

But what if there was a way to really engage with them, showcasing your products and services in a fun informative way without the hard sell. What if, as you chat to them, there was a way of providing even more information that was both easy and flexible and that allowed you to home in and focus on the needs of your audience explaining only relevant parts of your service offerings depending on how the conversation developed?

Well we have the answer, an interactive presentation which both showcases the details of your products and services in stunning detail and provides easy flexible navigation giving you the potential to make you more sales and drive your business forward whoever your audience.

Having an interactive presentation that you can tailor to the needs and interest of each potential client will immediately create rapport and a sense of your understanding of them as clients. Being able to skip irrelevant information not only saves time, but keeps your audience interested in the solutions you offer relevant to their business.

Using an interactive presentation at an exhibition or event will engage an audience and create relationships. Being able to identify the client’s needs and show them the solutions you provide will win your clients over. Clients will realise quickly that not only do you have the knowledge to understand their problems you also have the ability to provide them.

You will only need one interactive presentation for every possible client, making it unnecessary to spend time altering your presentation before each meeting; you can spend those hours focusing on your preparation and delivery.

Extend the opportunity further by adding large touchscreens to your exhibition space. They will act as an advertisement pulling in customers to your stand allowing them to gain more information without the pressure to talk to someone, you can then use a smaller device for those more detailed personal conversations.

Interactive presentations are limitless; you can have as much information as you will ever need to cover all prospective scenarios but you only ever need access the bits you want. You can add in videos, animations, sound clips, product demos, web links, contact forms….

There are so many devices on the market at the moment but you can have an interactive presentation on any of them, iPad, Windows Surface or Samsung Tablet for example. We have created stunning interactive presentations for all these devices.  Talk to us now for more information about how we can help you make more sales with those potential clients.

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