Adobe Edge Animate – We Discover How an Animation Suite Fares at Presenting



We have discussed presentations for business using an iPad previously. Today we’ll be looking at a new piece of software from Adobe – Edge Animate, and how it can be used for creating presentations for the iPad.

A great new piece of software from Adobe, Edge Animate is completely HTML5 based, so anything you create and animate within the software will be compatible with all modern web browsers. It also supports animation, transitions, hyperlinks and video which impressed us greatly. Within Edge Animate all the creation and animation features are timeline based. If you are already used to using programs like Flash or After Effects this should be relatively easy to pick up and use, however, if you are a beginner it could be quite overwhelming. Although the ability to animate with key frames on a timeline increases flexibility and creativity it also It is also much more time consuming to use. There are the same output issues with Adobe Captivate; in that without some clever HTML coding you will need to connect and maintain an active internet connection to open and view the finished presentation.

Ease of use: If you are comfortable using timeline based animation similar to Adobe Flash this should be relatively easy to use. If not, its varied feature set may be quite overwhelming for newcomers.

Cost: At the time of our testing Edge Animate was free as it was still in its evaluation stage. Once the full version is released it will be free to anyone with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Final thoughts: We found Edge Animate to be a very powerful tool for creating all sorts of web content; from presentations, webpages, videos and even basic games. Unfortunately it suffers from similar issues as our other PowerPoint alternatives in that it is web based only – so no offline viewing and the author must know how to publish the content online.

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