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A logo is the stylized graphic representation or symbol of a business, its brands, products or services. It’s a name or unique element used by businesses and brands to make them more recognizable and distinct to consumers.

Traditionally logos were printed on a variety of formats, however the advent the internet and advances in digital technologies has opened up a whole new platform for business promotion and communication making it quicker and easier for businesses and brands to reach their target audiences.

Consumers are now watching more and more content online and this trend is expected to continue, animated logos are now an effective tool for businesses to use in order to reach a wider consumer market in today’s digital world.

Bearfoot Graphics uses advanced 2D and 3D design and animation techniques to create moving logo sequence which when used in conjunction with digital platforms including websites, YouTube, social media, and TV attract and hold your customer’s attention providing differentiation from competitors and giving you the digital advantage.

The advantage of having a logo animation for you and your brand…..

1. Grabs and holds attention – While businesses benefit from people consuming more and more digital and online content, in most cases, they struggle to hold user’s attention. Today more than ever, digital users are expecting instant gratification from online content. Logo animation provides this by capturing the attention and imagination of consumers through short animated and video sequences that effectively promote and communicate brands.

2. Better Brand Awareness – In a noisy market place creating brand awareness is one of the most important roles of a logo. Investing in an animated logo can make all the difference, research shows that animated logos are more attention grabbing than a static logo. They are also more memorable, it may take a consumer several interactions with a static logo for it to gain any recognition, while an animated logo will often become immediately identifiable.

3. Better Brand Communication – Unlike a static logo an animated logo provides a narrative and creates an emotional connection with the viewer, it can become a part of your brand’s overall promotion and communication. Animation and video are powerful tools in making emotional connection with consumers. These formats are easily accessible to users via a number of different digital devices smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops etc.

4. Better Web SEO – Web traffic is becoming a key driver for many businesses. Research shows a good animated logo will pull in more traffic as it grabs people’s attention and spikes their curiosity to find out more about your business. People may even share your logo with their friends and colleagues which will then gain more traffic to your site.

Bearfoot Graphics will create a real buzz around your logo by designing and creating an animation which is engaging, relevant and appealing to your brand and target audience. Your animated logo could be quirky, colourful, corporate, cute, playful, come with sound, a bounce or a creative motion element. It can be small, medium or large depending on what is suitable for you and the needs of your business.

Here are some examples of our innovative and successful animated logos:

Yellow Sheep - 

Create Conference Ident - 

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