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We were asked by eye care specialists Spec to design and create a new brand and identity for their children’s range of glasses. They wanted us to produce a suite of promotional material including an animated advert to promote their new glasses and their introductory buy one get one free offer.

Spec wants to make glasses cool and fun for children. Their main priority is to make glasses a fashionable accessory rather than a social barrier for children. So within the branding they wanted the design to make the process of choosing and wearing glasses a fun experience.

To help them achieve their goal we provided a range of carefully designed marketing collateral including:

  • A new business logo
  • Business card
  • Appointment cards
  • Glasses cases and clothes
  • Badges
  • Stickers
  • An App
  • Bags
  • A Catalogue
  • A Poster

We wanted to create and design a brand which is bright, fresh and fun for young children. We know they relate and respond really well to animated characters, so created a range of bold strong individual characters all with their own individual personality. We utilised these bright and colourful characters throughout all of the collateral to give children the opportunity to interact and engage with them. Although the characters are different in appearance, they have two things in common they are all cool and they all wear glasses.

Spec will be able to encourage and reward children for getting their eyes tested by giving them items including stickers, badges or posters of their favourite character, like you might at the dentist. The glasses choosing app will facilitate a more fun experience for children whilst choosing their glasses by showing them what they look like wearing them. We all recognise caring for children’s eyesight is really important. Hopefully these new tools will make the process of eye examinations and choosing glasses easier and more fun for children and parents alike.

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