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Policy Royal Insurance came to us looking for an overall re vamp of their current brand.  They specialise in family insurance, and are very traditional. They have a royal feel to their company in terms of the way they treat their customers and staff. They specialise in family insurance. They wanted a new modern twist that will bring them up to date in terms of design and make them a leader in their industry. It was important to them that this new identity shows the business’s heritage and traditions.

It was a challenging brief for us as we had to incorporate a new modern twist while clearly showing the company’s past experiences and heritage. This was a highly interesting project and we jumped at the challenge.

This is what we came up with… 

As a company they offer various different policies, Term Insurance, Whole-of-Life Insurance, Joint Life Insurance, Family Income Benefit and Over 50s Insurance. Therefore we have come up with a colour palette that leads itself to each section and amended the logo to match each.

Policy_Royal - Blog 1


We also designed a business card for each section, so that people looking for a specific policy can contact the right person directly.


Policy_Royal - Blog 2


The same with the branded stationery…


Policy_Royal - Blog 3


Policy_Royal - Blog 4


To tie the whole brand together we have created a set of Brand Guidelines



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