Chris Caswell

Chris for banner Chris is a motion graphic designer with a real passion for visual communications and finding inventive new ways to tell our clients stories.   Full of creative ideas, Chris likes to be involved in projects from start to finish, his determination and positive attitude enables him to quickly learn new skills, techniques and technologies and bringing them to life and make any project a success.

Chris's blogs

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Why Don’t You Vote? – 2015 UK General Election Infographic



It’s less than two weeks until the general election and a record-breaking 469,000 people registered to vote online as the deadline closed on the 20th April, yet so many people still don’t vote. So we’ve designed an infographic to help people understand the election and decide who to vote for. (more…)


A new addition to Bearfoot


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We are delighted to welcome a new designer to the Bearfoot Graphics studio, Chris Caswell has exceptional design and animation skills that will add greatly to the talents and expertise of Bearfoot Graphics. (more…)