Q. As a conference producer, what level of support can you offer me for my event?

A. Live events and conferences are where Bearfoot Graphics began, our services have developed over the years as a response to requests from the industry. We provide in house and onsite graphics support, our designers and operators being well used to working with end clients and short deadlines displaying a professional and patient attitude in what can be a particularly stressful environment. We also provide onsite presentation equipment which is high spec and well maintained.

Q. I need to create a presentation which will be viewed by colleagues around the world in their own language, can you help?

A. It is relatively straightforward process to translate text from one language to another, it’s a little more tricky to create a presentation with it as the language structure is not always the same. This is something we are frequently asked to do and as a result have ironed out most of the problems. Supply us with the scripts and leave the rest to us.

Q. Our company has purchased some exhibition space to display our products, can you help us?

A. We can certainly design and create any exhibition panels and video content you might need for your stand. We can also design and produce a 3D virtual model of your stand which will help you to visualise your space and ensure you make the most of it prior to construction.

Q. Do you offer custom drawn illustrations or artwork?

A. We most certainly do. Illustration is a powerful way to get your message across using original and highly stylised imagery. Our creative team have a variety of artistic styles, all you have to do is let us know what you are looking for, we’ll do the rest.

Q. What is the benefit of using Bearfoot Graphics to design my logo?

A. Your logo is your identity, it’s how your are recognised and perceived. Think of any of the world’s great companies, their brand identity is immediate, whether its Microsoft’s ‘Window’ or the Nike ‘swoosh’. Effective branding doesn’t happen by accident, our design team work hard to ensure your identity is recognisable and effective across all media types. See some examples of branding & idenitity.

Q. Will you provide style and brand guidelines for other designers to follow?

A. Having worked hard to design and create an effective brand image, we always recommend that a brand guidelines document is created for every branding project we undertake, this way you can control and maintain a consistency of brand image for your business across all your media communications.

Q. Do you work on both PC and Apple Macintosh platforms?

A. We work on both platforms. As most of our clients are PC based, to avoid incompatibility issues our studio is also PC based.

Q. What are your rates / charges?

A. We work on hourly, half daily and daily rates. These rates change with each of the services we offer. Give us call and we will offer you a competitive quote.

Q. We have some of our own footage, can you work with it to create a video?

A. We can work with video footage in any format, editing it together to create a video. We can also help you by shooting additional footage where required. See soem examples of our video animation & production.

Q. Can you use my business’s existing logo, brochure design, and other materials for my website?

A. When designing and creating any new materials including your new website, one of the best ways to start is by evaluating what you already have. We will utilise what elements you like, reinterpreting and redesigning elements that you don’t.

Q. I’m giving a presentation and need some animated clips to bring my ideas to life, can you help?

A. We work creatively both in 2D and 3D creating stunning sequences see some examples of 3D modelling and animationwhich will inform and entertain your audience making your presentation stand out and your ideas shine.

Q. We are launching a new product, can you create some advertising to help us sell it?

A. Advertising comes in many formats. Our expertise across a broad range of formats enables us to support you effectively. We will work with you to create a compelling product brand and identity, delivering this across the full range of media types from print to video and animation.

Q. Is printing one of your services?

A. Although we design for print, we don’t actually do any printing in house, with printing technology evolving so quickly and the sheer variety of printing techniques, it just would not be efficient for us or cost effective for our clients. Over the years we have developed a network of print suppliers whose expertise and quality of work we trust. Each a specialist in their own field, we work with them on a regular basis and have developed excellent working relationships enabling us to offer real quality products across a range of mediums at the best possible price.

Q. What applications and file types can you work with?

A. We have invested a lot of time and money in our equipment and software, we pride ourselves on being able to work with any file type you may have. For quality purposes we would prefer artwork to be in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator format.

Q. Why is digital print less expensive on shorter runs?

A. Digital printing uses images direct from the computer rather than from lithographic plates. The production costs of processing the image and creating these plates is therefore not incurred. This results in a lower cost print run with a significantly quicker turnaround time from artwork to delivery.

Q. We have some space in our foyer, and would like to show our clients our products and services.

A. Have you considered an interactive presentation maybe using touch screen technology. We can create a compelling presentation combining all your advertising material be it video or audio, link to your website and show your products rotating in 3D. Your clients will be able to view your offering by browsing through your products as the wish.

Q. How much does a website cost?

A. We build a range of sites for a variety of customers each with their own individual requirements. Each website we design is individually tailored to the specific needs of that particular client. The cost therefore also varies. It really depends on what your requirements are of the site. What level of interactivity do you need? Is data capture a requirement? What look and feel do you require? Whatever your requirement, we have a solution to fit, ensuring you get the correct solution whilst giving you the best possible price.

Q. How much information do you need from me, to build my website?

A. The simple answer is, the more information you give us the better. Your website is your online identity therefore any design should  reflect that.  The first step is to develop a clear design plan. Our creative team will work with you, asking lots of questions to establish your objectives, online personality, target audience, and the functionality of your site. This plan is the key to achieving a successful design and build, it also serves to keep the cost to a minimum and establish a realist deadline for delivery.

Q. Who owns the copyright and intellectual property rights to any design you create for us?

A. Technically we own the rights to our own work however in most cases we are happy to release the rights to you free of charge. As our work is effectively our advert we retain the rights to use it in our own portfolio for the purposes of self promotion.

Q. Can you put our completed production on CD-ROM?

A. We are able to output your finished video to any format. Apart from CD-ROM, we can create a fully interactive DVD, supply it on any tape format or encode it for delivery from your computer or via the internet.