Animated Healthcare
Explainer Video

Spire Healthcare

Each week patients attend Spire Portsmouth Hospital’s joint school presentation in preparation for hip or knee replacement surgery.

Spire Healthcare required an easy to use, engaging presentation solution, where the core joint school messages could be delivered to patients with consistency and confidence, whilst at the same time keeping the number of staff required to deliver these messages in person to a minimum.

The target audience are 60 – 80 year-old patients, the majority of whom will be in hospital for the first time and who may be understandably apprehensive. We created a self-running 20 minute animation which provides patients with all the information they need to prepare for their stay in hospital, the operation and encourages them to make plans for their ongoing care following their return home.

Striking the right tone for the animation both visually and aurally was important, it needed to be on brand, informative but also upbeat, friendly and professional. By creating animated characters to represent each of the key team members, the nurse, physiotherapist and pharmacist, then taking each of the current presenters into the recording studio, rather than using a professional voice over artist, we achieved a more genuine realistic feel.

We edited scripts, created storyboards, designed characters and recorded the voice over, which we animated together to create an explainer video which delivers a clear and consistent set of messages to patients and makes better use of precious staff resources.