Interactive Presentation

Autex manufacture and supply a range of innovative sound control and absorption products for the residential, commercial and education sectors

We were asked to design and produce an interactive presentation, which would be used in face to face conversations with leading architects and interior designers. The presentation needed to introduce the product range and showcase the overall aesthetic appeal whilst at the same time providing detailed technical information relating to individual products’ acoustic performance.

Focusing on the products’ aesthetic qualities, we have used lots of bright colourful photos of the product in real world situations to create a presentation which whilst image rich, is also carefully designed to afford plenty of opportunity to highlight key technical details.

By building interactive navigation into the presentation, we have enabled the sales team to focus on and respond to the individual requirements of each customer. They are able to confidently choose from the broad products range, drill down into the technical detail of each product, reinforcing and highlighting key benefits through carefully chosen case studies.