Global Governance Group Brand Identity

Creating the Brand Identity for the Global Governance Group

We embarked on a transformative journey with the Global Governance Group, an organization dedicated to advancing good corporate governance, empowering effective decision-making, and enhancing client governance practices to drive long-term sustainability. Our collaboration was driven by a shared commitment to elevate their brand through design. We needed to create a brand identity that reflected their core values and services, but also an identity that helped to set them apart from their competitors.

Global Governance Group’s vision goes beyond mere words. They live and breathe good corporate governance and effective decision-making. Founded in 2009 by Charlotte Valeur and a team of governance pioneers, their mission was to revolutionize the governance landscape by providing bespoke, efficient, and value-driven governance consultancy services.

Our design process was a harmonious fusion of creativity and purpose. The brand identity we crafted is a symbol of strength and unity. Just as Global Governance Group empowers organizations to excel, we aimed to design a visual identity that inspires confidence and change. For the core symbol of the GGG brand, we used the Nordic rune; Dagaz. The rune had multiple symbolisms which fell perfectly in line with the GGG brand values that we felt it was the ideal symbol to use. Dagaz is a rune associated with transformation and evolution. It signifies a new day, a new beginning, and a fresh start. By using this symbol, the logo conveys the idea that Global Governance Group is a catalyst for positive change and transformation within the realm of corporate governance. It aligns with the organization’s mission to empower clients to improve their governance practices. The Dagaz rune also represents clarity and illumination, signifying the breaking of darkness and the emergence of light. In the context of governance and decision-making, this rune symbolizes the clarity and transparency that Global Governance Group brings to their clients’ practices. It suggests that their guidance and consultancy services shed light on complex issues, leading to better and more effective decision-making.

We coupled the symbol with a modern, crisp and striking typeface that reflected GGG’s innovative and forward thinking approach to corporate governance practices. We adjusted the ‘A’ to better mirror the shape of the rune and to give the font a cleaner, more modern appearance. We used different shades of blue to define the brand’s colour palette. Blue represents trust, wisdom and it symbolizes reliability, echoing the organization’s commitment to good governance and client success. The blues come together to create a harmonious blend that inspires confidence and certainty.