The Intellectual Property Works Animated Explainer Video

The Client

We worked with The Intellectual Property Works to help them create a series of short engaging animated explainer videos to highlight the importance of protecting intellectual property and to show that securing your intellectual property is not as big, scary, and confusing as it seems!

One of the common issues TIPW encountered with their customers was their apprehension and confusion around IP. Protecting intellectual property often seemed to be a slightly daunting prospect and was often sort as a last resort. Once they worked with The Intellectual Property Works, they quickly realised that organising and protecting their IP was a very easy and smooth process which their clients wished they had sorted out sooner.
Our task was to help TIPW engage with their audience and to highlight their unique 5 step methodology they had developed to aid in demystifying IP and help create easy to use strategies that are tailored to support each of their client’s unique business requirements.

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